On 7 June 2019, the Association held a Special General Meeting to replace the constitution adopted September 2015 for a new constitution. After some discussion and amendments, members present unanimously passed the constitution. The new constitution can be accessed here.

The main changes to the constitution include:

  • In addition to General Membership, we now have Life Membership and Youth Membership
  • Created the office of the Patron
  • Simplified the process to establish subcommittees
  • Reduced a quorum for an AGM and SGM from 15 to 10
  • Introduces 6 values for the Association
  • Introduce a consecutive limit to an office of the Association for 4 terms, with the option to extend by special resolution
  • Has the Board of Management to establish a Standing Orders for meetings
  • Removed the mandated requirement to advertise in the Examiner
  • Introduced contempt of the Association, where a person fails to vacate the Chairperson seat when voted out and if they vote on a matter where there was a conflict of interest. A person in contempt may be expelled
  • Formalised the ‘Yeses’ and ‘Noes’ process for questions
  • Enables members to participate in Board meetings via phone or VOIP technology
  • Incorporate ACNC Governance Standards
  • Increased additional situations when an office of the Association or ordinary Board member becomes casually vacant
  • Limit of immediate family members as employees and members of the Board
  • Authorises the Board to established Ex Officio positions
  • Changed ‘Executive Board of Management’ to ‘Executive Committee’
  • Overhauled disciplinary measures
  • Included additional measures before arbitration, including Mediation and attempts to resolves disputes before mediation
  • Authorises the Board to establish By-laws
  • Establishes a register of amendments
  • Establishes a register of resolutions

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