Starting Point Neighbourhood House (formerly Ravenswood Neighbourhood House) first started back in 1979 after a needs analysis was conducted in 1977 by <>, back then called Ravenswood Neighbourhood House Inc. We were originally located at 2 Wiltshire Place and only provided a few services.

When we were first established, our aim and object was much different to today, concentrating only on Ravenswood, which you can read below.

The R.N.H. is a Community based centre for the people in Ravenswood area for getting together, educational programmes, games afternoons and child care both casual and emergency cases.

In 19XX, the former St Leonards Council

In 2015, the Association approved a name change from Ravenswood Neighbourhood House Inc to Starting Point Neighbourhood House Inc. This name change was designed to be more inclusive of Waverley and St Leonards.

In 2019, we adopted our news

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