Our Vision

At the heart of our vision, we provide a safe and friendly place where people can grow and develop, regardless of their background, characteristics or circumstances.

Our Values

At the heart of what we do, we have 6 values which governs our decision making to make sure we meet our obligations whilst keeping the community at heart.


We treat everyone with respect and provide opportunities to everyone, regardless of personal characteristics and situations


We act in good faith of the community, ensuring that we uphold the highest governance standards and comply with relevant regulatory frameworks


We understand that many people go through difficult times in their lives and are always there to listen to people’s problems and direct them on the right path


We are compassionate about everything we do, striving to ensure it brings positive outcomes to Ravenswood, St Leonards and Waverley


We bring the community together by providing opportunities for networking  between people and to represent the community where need be


We give opportunity for people to be empowered by establishing mutual trust and to work together to maintain that trust

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