Help to improve reading, writing and maths is now here! And it’s FREE

Did you know that 48% of Tasmanians do not have the literacy and numeracy skills they need for life?

We are here to change that and remove the stigma around reading, writing and numbers.

The 26TEN Team is available every Tuesday 10am – 2pm, just visit or call one of the below centres for help.

We offer help to improve reading, writing, numbers, using a computer/mobile, and verbal communication.

Our help is free, friendly, and confidential.

You can get help or information from any of the below centres:

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Northern Suburbs Community Centre Logo

Starting Point Neighbourhood House

6 Prossers Forest Rd Ravenswood (03) 6339 2861


Northern Suburbs Community Centres

49 George Town Rd, Newnham (03) 6326 5506

Dover Street, Mowbray (03) 6326 6776

Need help now with reading, writing and maths right now?

Call the 26TEN Helpline on 1300 00 26 10

Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutors who:

  • have good communication, organisational and listening skills
  • are willing to gain or develop digital skills as needed
  • are sensitive, patient, understanding and respectful of learner needs
  • are flexible, enthusiastic, and willing to embrace change
  • understand the boundaries of the learner-tutor relationship

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