Do you need help with completing your tax return or not sure how to complete a non-lodgement advice? Then you might be able to access the Tax Help program!

Tax Help is a free service available at the House which is provided by the Australian Taxation Office available from 25 July till the end of October.

To be eligible for Tax Help, your income will need to be around $60 000 or less and you did not:

  • work as a contractor
  • run a business, including as a sole trader
  • have partnerships or trust matters
  • sell shares or an investment property
  • own a rental property
  • have capital gains tax (CGT)
  • receive royalties
  • receive distributions from a trust, other than a managed fund
  • receive foreign income, other than a foreign pension or annuity

You will need to have a myGov account linked up with the ATO for a Tax Help appointment. You can either go here (goes to ATO website) or come in and we can help you get set up.

If you would like to book an appointment, please call us on (03) 6339 2861, or email us at

If you do have a Tax Help appointment, please make sure you bring the relevant documents from below:

  • your myGov user ID and password
  • your mobile phone to receive your myGov access code
  • your bank account details (BSB and account number)
  • your tax file number
  • an original or amended notice of assessment from any one of the last five years
  • income statements from all sources
  • all your receipts for gifts, donations and work-related expenses
  • details of any child support payments made
  • details of any losses on investments in shares and rental properties (net investment losses)
  • details of your spouse’s (married or de-facto) taxable income or a reasonable estimate if you had a spouse at any time during the financial year.

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